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 Post subject: if this makes you want to know more.. mission accomplished
PostPosted: 22 May 2014, 12:46 
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hi, in hopes to try and get people back here and to get some feedback on this i was thinking of posting some preview of an anime/ manga idea that i've had.

this isn't my first idea and if i get the chance it isn't likely the first i would try to publish, these are for the previews at the back of the mange i was thinking instead risking to spoil an ending id do a preview of what would be after that particular manga.

your thoughts would be greatly appreciated but please but a little more information then a single word, if you can... thanks for reading

all of these are scene entirely through the eyes of the character their about
the person whose eyes the preview is seen through is referred to as the protagonist, this doesn't
have any standing on their role in the story its just that they are the protagonist in the intro.
also i haven't decided exactly on the styling of the characters so if there's any complaints :indiff:, im not listening, suggestions are another thing whether ill take them into consideration depends on a: whether i consider them good and b: my mood

1: phone on a table, the message light is flashing on and off. a voice can be heard over it.
"hey temp get back to the office you've got more work to do"
"you mean you've got more of YOUR work to do"

office cubicle, computer screen, a financial report can be seen on the screen. suddenly the camera
drops as the protagonist falls off the chair.

a gruff man is standing over him
man: "hey temp do this over again, (hands him a flash drive) use the numbers in here"

a distant voice can be heard
"hey hirako stop bothering the temp and get your work done for a change"
hirako calls back: "it'll be done soon"
looks back at the protagonist glaring at him: "isn't that right temp"

walking slowly looking down on a huge stack of files, puts them on the desk.

a thin man at the desk sneers at him and says: "i must have made a mistake i only need these
three", the man takes them off the top: "now hurry back with the rest temp"

the protagonist picks up the files and turns around out the window he can see a streak of fire
darting across the sky and going off into the horizon.

suddenly a humongous explosion can be seen, a second later and a massive shockwave hits the city.
this send the protagonist to the floor, screaming can be heard from every direction and when the
protagonist looks at his hands he sees them bubbling

the screen fulls with static

back to the floor the protagonist starts getting up however his voice sounds a lot softer, his
hands come into view to see that their not fitting his suit sleeves.

the camera moves from looking through the eyes to see outside the window looking in to see a small
boy (that looks kinda like a girl half wearing a shirt suit tie far to big for him looking out
the city. the camera shifts a meter behind him to the a broken city on fire.

the screen fulls with static when it comes back it sees the same person in proper fitting clothes
standing in the same spot with one foot on a deceased monster looking out over the quiet ruins
of the city.

the boy is wearing a large jacket and a scarf covering his neck and lower part of his head that
trails down in two separate ends to his legs. baggy pants going down to his knees with heavy
workman boots on his feet.


screen bobbing up and down running towards a car. the door opens and a small girl steps out
of the car, her face full with smiles when she looks at the protagenist.

girl: "boomer i missed you"

the boomer jumps straight at the girl as furry paws can be seen as well as a dogs tounge licking
her face at the first oppurtunity

the scene changes to looking at the sky to see a rubber ball flying through it, boomer follows the
ball, it lands on the ground and bounces backward. boomer stops and rapidly turns around, the girl
is standing far off claping the dog on. boomer follows the ball again, stoping after a few seconds
stoping so that he can pick up the ball and then run off to the girl.
as soon as he gets there the girl extend her hand to scratch boomers ears.

the scene changes to a tv lounge. boomer seems to be just quietly lying down on the ground. his
head looks around to see various family members in chairs (2 parents a brother and the girl). on
the tv theres a news report about an apparent asteriod, a streak of flames can be seen in the sky
on the tv. on the tv the streak hits the ground a flash of an explosion and the screen
goes static acompanied by the gasps of the family.

girl: "mommy what was that"
mother: "i dont know maria"
girl: "mommy im scared"
father: "dont worry honey ill protect you"
girl: "i love you daddy"

the static fulls the screen

the screen goes back to the same room everything that can be seen is smashed and the girl is
gripping boomers throat (off camera). half her face is either rotted or covered with strange
crystals. shes covered in blood.
girl: in a demonic voice: "wheres is everybody"

behind her are the torn apart remains of her brother and mother, her father barely alive is
pointing a gun at his daughter with his face full of tears.

the screen fulls with static as the sound of a gunshot can be heard

seeing from behind boomer
boomer appears to have become a kind of humunoid dog, hes holding the same gun in his hand (as
well as a shotgun on his back and grenades on his belt on his side). hes looking at the gun and
then looks at the house.

hes wearing a large winter coat, it looks smart and military.

there's actually 5 of them each providing a little bit more information. im only putting up 2 for now to see how it fits into post and to help gauge reactions

leme know if you wana see more

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