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The War Z (WarZ) server rental
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Author:  Novanod [ 26 Mar 2013, 23:32 ]
Post subject:  The War Z (WarZ) server rental

Any Current WarZ players in SA now??

me and my bro want to rent a WarZ server so we can explore and collect loot without the worry if there is anyone else on the map looking to backstab, snipe, or to cause any other bodily harm to us... Rule#1 no killing, except Zombies. if we collect enough stuff and then log into a busy public server then we, as a group, can cause some havoc... which we can setup once or twice a week

the server will be password protected and anyone wanting to join would have to share server costs, at the moment the costs are $48 for a 1 month rental of a 50 player server (which would be a good idea to start with and see how it goes, it's the smallest at the mo) if we have 5 people then it would be divided and costs are low, and if anyone else joins later they pay a pro rata which would be shared amongst the players who've paid.

any questions please PM me

i'd like to start this server at the beginning of April


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